We are very pleased and excited about getting emails or facebook messages with reviews and testimonials about our photography from our couples. It is one of the most important ratings of our art activity for us. To tell you the truth, we are always waiting for such emails and open them with bated breath.

Ved & Whitney

"Hey, I’ve had a chance to look through all the photos and I just want to say you two are incredibly talented! Every single shot captures something real and beautiful. The perspective, and creativity, the lighting, the editing of every shot is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much these were truly worth every penny and the wait, they are beautiful and I will cherish them forever. Thank you so so much!"


Andrew & Olga

“Good day to all! Kirill and Olga did the afterwedding photoshoot for us and when we saw the final result of their photography art it was such an indescribable joy for us! In fact, it was awesome! It is difficult for me to be surprised, as I know fashion and photo industry firsthand, but the photos turned out really magical! The atmosphere, location shooting, the mood!

And about how the guys are comfortable and pleasant in conversation! and it was from the first minute! Kirill and Olga enthusiastically supported my ideas and made them a reality!

Special attention is given their approach to work! There was a situation that on the day of the shoot, our plane was late, we're late, respectively, and we did not have enough time to shoot everything we had planned before, the guys came into our situation and offered to make additional photoshoot the other day! Of course it was very nice and revealing!

They treated us not as a customer, but primarily as their friends!
I really hope that this is only the first experience of co-creation with you and there is still a lot of time!”