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When we hear of Montenegro, the first thing that comes to our mind is it’s a tourist place. And indeed, this small Balkan country characterized by rocky highlands, medieval hamlets and a slender beach belts is a natural tourist destination for its beautiful landscape, rich culture and friendly people. That being the case, Montenegro has also become a top pick for holding a perfect church or civil wedding. The country’s inherent beauty creates the natural fantasy-like tableau for romance and love.
While most wedding venues either boast of their natural landscapes and seascapes or ancient architectures and structures, Montenegro has them both. In this way, you can have the best of both worlds.

Montenegro Photographer

In creating perfect photos for your wedding in Montenegro, you will need a professional Montenegro Photographer to do the job. Wedding pictures are not ordinary pictures randomly taken to capture a scene. They can be staged or candid depending on what the circumstances call for. Professional Montenegro wedding photographers can deliver what you want in terms of style and character. They are not simply taking picturesque scenes of the place where you spend your love with your partner. They take pictures that use scenes, ambiance and deeds that highlight the love and romance between you and your partner. They tell a story of love.

Shevtsovy Photography studio will be glad to organise a beautiful emotional photography story for you in Montenegro.

Wedding Montenegro

Wedding photography Locations in Montenegro

Tivat – In the Bay of Kotor lies the coastal town of Tivat. The ideal venue for wedding photoshoot in this area is the antediluvian commune in Gornja Lastva that features a quaint combination of redecorated stone homes, collapsing vestiges, and olive groves.  The dramatic 14th century parish of St. Mary’s and the ancient St. Vid’s Church will bring you take you back on a couple’s journey of the past with your special someone. But the most famous and luxury location is Porto Montenegro with yachts and mountains backgrounds.

Sveti Stefan – is an islet along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro that houses Aman Sveti Stefan luxury hotel resort. The beaches of Sveti Stefan have their own distinct beauty and splendour which what makes it alluring to Montenegro photographers to use it as a venue for wedding shots. Unlike most beaches boasting their wide sandy beaches, the Sveti Stefan beaches like the Miločer Beach and the Crvena Glavica are famous for its stony crimson sands and immaculate waters.

Budva – This small town along the Budva Riviera is famous for its nightlife. Your wedding photographer can set up a photoshoot along the stone walls encompassing the tapered streets of the Stari Grad. This historic borough can similarly take you back in time especially in the seaside citadel and the Churches of, Sv. Bogorodica, Sv. Trojica and Sv. Ivan Sv among others.

Ulcinj – this little coastal city is the ideal destination for beach fun. However for the visual artist, it’s a haven for endless delightful seascapes picture perfect for romance. Complementing it is its old town that fashions sweetness and charm all over. The flamingos in Ulcinjska Salina can also be a perfect aura for a love story.

Lovcen national park – This Park exhibits the genuine essence of Montenegro. It features a display of the innate beauty of nature at its finest. The breath taking views of the difference sceneries will add a stamp of memory to your wedding photos.

Locations in Montenegro

Wedding in Perast

Perast – situated at the Bay of Boka Bay, this Venice-like small town has numerous churches and impressive palazzos. Its prominent landmarks are located in heart of its waters namely the Gospa of Škrpjela, which sits an artificial island. Montenegro wedding photographers consider this island as an exquisite location for a romantic portrait of love and church wedding ceremonies.

Kotor Bay

Kotor - Typified by its meandering streets and squares, Kotor is a walled medieval town that has a number of Romanesque basilicas and structures. The pathways and cathedrals that makes a quasi-medieval vibe espousing a passionate feeling of love and affection makes a picture perfect scene for prenuptial shoots. Average temperature is around 15.2 ° C, which makes it comfortable for outdoor photoshoots. Kotor Bay is one of the most picturesque Bay in the world.