Capturing your pleasant memories at the ancient walls of Dubrovnik

If you are planning to hold your wedding or engagement in the picturesque starry-eyed place of Dubrovnik, we can ensure that you’ll get that perfect vista and sights that will make your pics extra special and memorable. Characterized by centuries-old streets and welcoming folks, Dubrovnik is sure to provide the cherished and delightful moments of your life which you can do with sublime affection. By taking you to another place and time, we will capture and save the happiest moments of your wedding or engagement that will seize your heart and prompt you to keep on returning to these enchanting romantic moments in your life.

Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer

For our wedding and fashion photography duet of professional Dubrovnik Photographers is important to create the romantic scenes of your happiest times in Dubrovnik. We know the most perfect locations for those wonderful photographs. Secondly, one of the best time to take photographs in Dubrovnik is in the morning. When most of tourists are still asleep and streets are empty, the place becomes a perfect venue to conveniently hold your private photoshoot. Moreover, shooting in the morning is also ideal because the weather is not that hot. It is important that you remain comfortable and relaxed during photo sessions to keep yourself in the best mood to always bring out the best you.


Dubrovnik Locations

Dubrovnik Photography Locations

Dubrovnik offers a different kind of setting for your wedding and honeymoon photography. Unlike the customary shoots of natural landscapes and ocean scenes, this place is more famous for its antiquated streets and places that create a wistful ambiance that can serve as an aide-mémoire for a cherished love.


Dubrovnik Old town

Also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik’s old town is like a medieval place where walking through its adoring lanes can engender a somewhat mystical sensation emanating from its ancient stone parapets. The city’s core is enclosed by benighted fortifications that produce a chimera of an ancient backdrop. Your Dubrovnik wedding photographer can capture you in any of the different entrances beneath the glorious forts overseeing the gates. The Minčeta Fort is one of the best sights in Dubrovnik that provides a spending landscape of the whole city. But since these areas are almost always full of people, a photoshoot in its narrow streets along the walls of Dubrovnik would suffice to make that spectacle of an antediluvian environment impeccable for a romantic shoot.


Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac.
Dubbed as "Dubrovnik's Gibraltar", the Fort of St. Lawrence is a triangular fort with three traces. In facing the sea, it evokes a perfect scenery for Game of Throne like state. As a photoshoot venue, this site can add a monarchial ambiance to your amorous photographs that can mimic a great medieval royal-like romance.

Park Orsula

Park Orsula.
Aside from being a popular venue for live music and festivals, this park is famous for offering a dazzling panorama overwatching the Old Town up to island of Lokrum, which makes it ideal for Dubrovnik wedding photographers. As a perfect wedding photoshoot location, it offers the most astonishing and captivating view of the sunset, which is a must for couples to share.

Dominican Monastery

Dominican Monastery.
If you want to get a glimpse of the past, then going to old religious edifices is the conventional way to do it. This monastery features the ancient architectural styles of Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic conglomerated in flawless coherence. We are as your's Dubrovnik Photographer can make arrangements to take photoshoot in its lavishly festooned atrium. You can also get a shot while sauntering and gazing to 15th and 16th century paintings of Dobričević, Hamzić, and Božidarević, among others. Ideal oasis which is good to hide from tourists.

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We will find the most beautiful locations for your photo story in Dubrovnik and Croatia. Your emotions and feelings to each other are the key elements of making really beautiful and elegant photographs for you.